My Blog - My Rules

One of my objectives with this blog is to stimulate an open and honest discussion about Michigan's professional theater industry.

But to do so, we need to have a couple of simple rules. And since this is MY blog, I get to set the rules! You have the option of following them or getting booted; it's that simple.

So here are my six rules - which may grow as time goes by:

  1. Feel free to comment on any of my posts; I love a good conversation.
  2. But don't be rude. Or condescending. Or nasty.
  3. Don't get personal or name call; everyone is entitled to their opinion - no matter how smart or ignorant it is.
  4. I don't mind four-letter words; I'll probably sprinkle them around myself. But don't be crude.
  5. Be constructive, not destructive.
  6. You want to be smart ass? Then go someplace else.

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