Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yes, The Cranky Critic is back!

Yes, after nearly a handful of years and one short-lived rebirth, The Cranky Critic returns. So why the return? And why now?

For starters, I've had quite a few people request the return. And to be honest, there have been a number of things I've wanted to share over the years, but neither Facebook nor were the appropriate places on which to post them.

Hence - the return of The Cranky Critic.

So what will I be writing about this time around, you may be wondering?

Well, like I did before, I'll share my observations on what's going on in the state's professional theaters - although I'll be doing that not as the editorial director of, but as someone who's been connected to the industry for almost 40 years.

And because my blog is not an official extension of, you'll also find references to and postings about theaters that are not included of the site.

What else can you expect? How about some quick postings about shows I saw but didn't review? (I've been told readers of my Facebook page enjoy those posts - and the theaters appreciate them, too. Or at least so far they have, since they've all been positive up till now!) And I plan to introduce a series of reader surveys in the very near future, which hopefully will generate some interesting results that the industry and I can use to expand the market, improve our services, and/or answer some pesky questions that have evaded greater minds than ours over the years.

But most of all I want to stimulate a healthy, fun and open dialogue about Michigan's professional theaters. There's plenty to chat about, and maybe our conversations will help us figure out how to solve the mysteries and problems the industry faces day in and day out. Or maybe we'll just enjoy each other's company for a few minutes every few days or so. Either way is fine with me!


(How do you like the graphic that appears at the top of my blog? It was designed by Kari Helm, a graphic artist I met several years ago at Between The Lines. I've always loved her work - and I'm thrilled she agreed to work with me on this. Thanks, Kari!)

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